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We created an engaging series of animated YouTube videos to showcase and promote the different products of the insurance company Zurich Connect.
The problem
How to create a successful YouTube advertising campaign with different topics and target groups, yet a similar approach and style?
The solution
A series of animated videos designed for different target groups, but with the same style and structure, showcasing a specific product. The concept was built on the simple notion, that insurances cover the damages in a specific case and/or problem. Showing how insurance can help in an easy and simple way was key. The design style was minimalistic as to not overpower the information and message of the ad. A call to action and a strong slogan at the end provide the necessary boost to motivate the viewer to act.
The result

Three unique ads that provide a boost in sales and further increase brand awareness. You can watch the videos below.

Do you need to advertise a product or service with story-driven videos? Or maybe video content to enhance your social media presence and increase brand awareness?

Watch on YouTube:

Watch on YouTube:

Watch on YouTube:


Animation, Concept, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Motion Design, Storytelling, Video



Creative Lead & Director
Rok Mele

Animation, Graphic & Motion Design
Daniel Piechocki

Johannes Rhomberg

Sound Design
Daniel Piechocki

Project Managment
Rok Mele

Project partner

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