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If we are to build brands, then we of course must build our own. This is how we came about the brand identity of rokd, the visual communication agency.

The problem
How does one create a brand from scratch? In the glut of various advertising and creative agencies, how do we stand out? Sure a unique logo and style help, but what makes our agency special?
The solution
A unique name with meaning, a strong yet subtle logo and icon designed by aka Sophie Stark (who is also a part of the rokd team),  to complement it, and a clear message. Creative individuals, who don´t see it as just another job, but as a calling to create experiences worth experiencing. The specialization in visual communication that can have a significant impact on a brand’s marketing, sales, and the ultimate success of a business as it attracts attention, arouses interest, and creates desire. Providing customers with a reliable partner, a collaborative experience, and open communication throughout the entire project process, for a specific project, but also for long-term mutual benefit. All those components together make up the unique selling proposition of rokd, the visual communication agency.
The result

A strong, dynamic, and unique brand identity that speaks volumes. You can read more about our brand identity, strategy, and vision in our brand manual.

Would you like to create or reimagine your brand? Or maybe you need an idea-sparring-partner to further develop your brand identity?


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Brand Identity, Development & Strategy



Strategy Lead
Rok Mele

Art Director
Sophie Stark

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