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Every business, be it big or small, relies on strong promotional material to advertise its products or services. Therefore we created an engaging promotional video for the photographer Klara Leschanz aka Cleale to showcase her photography and promote her services.
The problem
Photography, while it can convey a sense of speed and dynamism, is still a static visual form at its core. So how do you dynamically showcase something static?
The solution
The most obvious solution is of course video. While there are many different ways to achieve this, like for example cinemagraphs (still photographs in which a minor and repeated movement occurs, forming a video clip) which alter the photos in itself, the best way, in this case, was a promotional video with dynamic movement and sparsely used text. The quality of the photos from Cleale speaks for itself, therefore not much is needed to enhance the visuals. First, a clear line of thought must be made, which in turn is the text that works as a guide for the images, delivering just the bare necessary information, while the visuals compel the viewer to watch the video till the end. The selection of the best photos was based on Copywrite. The combination of text, moving images and catchy music creates a dynamic environment that is engaging on several levels while promoting the service and calling the viewer to action.
The result
A dynamic promotional video showcasing the extraordinary photography of Cleale (who is also a part of the rokd team), while also promoting and encouraging the viewer to book a session with the photographer. You can watch the videos below (EN & DE version).

Do you need professional photos for your business or maybe promotional videos to advertise your products or services?



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Klara Leschanz

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Rok Mele

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