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We also occasionally listen to Daft Punk.

Visual storytelling that captures the attention and communicates clearly is key to a modern brand and its ability to reach an audience. We create such content, we deliver that binding experience.

As a collective of creative individuals, we support brands and give them a voice by combining expertise with hands-on sensibilities to deliver engaging story-driven content with a clear strategy to connect brands with audiences around the world.

We are rokd.

The Usual Suspects

Jonas has a great passion for bridging the gap between visions and the current state. He supports managers and teams to find their made-to-measure solutions in order to develop sustainable changes.

XP: 30
Strengths: Coaching, Communication, Strategy, Analysis
Weaknesses: Dogs

Jonas Krämer
Change Manager
Our core values

01. Growth 

To live is to learn. We know that life is a continuous improvement process that never ends, therefore we are constantly seeking opportunities to grow both personally and professionally.

02. Commitment 

Time is the most precious thing one can give to someone. Therefore we always invest our time with the long term in mind and understand that a good partnership is a marathon, not a sprint.

03. Creativity

Difficult problems require creative solutions. That´s why we are constantly looking for creative ways to solve those problems.

04. Integrity

Strong moral principles and the belief to do the right things in an honest way is our guideline.

05. Accountability

What we say, we do. We stand behind our words and always act respectful and reliable to other team members and business partners. 

06. Perseverance

We stand up to difficult problems, find a way to persevere, and get the job done right.

07. Diversity

The company was founded on the value and mutual respect for everyone as individuals, regardless of race, religion, age, or gender. We celebrate diversity.

08. Sustainability

We truly believe that every person can make a change in this world. We always try to do our work as sustainable as possible, to protect the environment and preserve the earth’s natural resources, both for today and future generations.

09. Fun

We love what we do and don´t forget to have fun while doing it. Because what would life be without a little rock ‘n’ roll in it.

Seen enough?

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